Satellite of Love

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Satellite of Love

No, we are not named after the Lou Reed song!!!! We are named after the Satellite of Love in Mystery Science Theater 3000. (Which was named after the Lou Reed song!)

SITE UPDATE - 05-16-07

Satellite of Love is a regressive dinner-core band based out of Jackson, Tennessee. It currently has 5 members, 2 of which are dead.

Satellite of Love on Myspace!

Check out our Myspace page!

It's checked daily even though we have yet to recieve a single, solitary message. 

News From The Front Lines!

  • John-Michael continues to work furiously on his musical about Genghis Khan, cleverly entitled, "Pros & Khans."
  • WELCOME BACK RUSSELL, YOU JERK Party/SOL Show!!!!!!!! Saturday, May 26 @ Nick Reynold's House. There will be one(1) cake for your eating pleasure. Bring a present for Russ if you like him. (Wait, then he wouldn't get any presents. Okay, just bring him a present regardless of your personal feelings towards him.) EVERYONE in Jackson and Humboldt is invited, but don't tell Nick I said that. This will be the FIRST SOL gig since Russell went to Hong Kong way back in January!
  • Nick claims he is working on some Fantasy-Themed SOL songs, but I'll believe them when I see them.
  • John-Michael watched Pan's Labrynth last night and thought it was, and I quote, "Pretty cool."
  • NEW PICTURES on the SOL Live page!!!!! Some of us live. Some of us dead.
  • JUNE 16th OR 19th (We're not really sure.) - SOL will be playing some guy named Bart's birthday party. So if you're reading this and you're a friend of this "Bart" character and you didn't know anything about the party, then I'm sorry you had to find out this way that you weren't invited. I'm sure "Bart" meant to invite you; it probably just slipped his mind. He's a pretty busy guy you know, what with being married and all. He's probably a popular guy. Most guys named "Bart" usually are. I, for instance, can count all the people I know on two hands, so it would be quite hard for me to forget to invite somebody. But this "Bart" guy, he's probably got 2 buttloads of friends and gets like 26 missed calls everytime he goes to the crapper. With a name like "Bart" you have to be outgoing and popular; whereas with a name like "John-Michael" odds are you're going to be a bitter, introverted, social outcast. So anyway, happy birthday, "Bart."



Vote for the Title of SOL's New Album!

Satellite of Love is giving you, the fan, a chance to make your voices known in the hot debate over the name of our latest LP! Why? Because we love you!*  Below there will be some of our favorite choices which you can pick from, or you can write in your own. There are a few rules, however!


1. NO Racial Slurs! (Slurs against old presidents are fine. Pre-FDR only, please!)
2. NO Anti-Tolkien sentiments! (As if anyone would be so stupid!)
3. NO Curse Words! (The List Includes, but is not Limited to: Poop, Doo-Doo, Pee-Pee, Pee-Wee (to a lesser extent), Boob, Horsefeathers, Shucks, and Dern It.)
4. NO Stream of Consciousness! (This Means You, James Joyce!)


3. ALL PRO-FANTASY REFERENCES are welcome, one and all!

Some of Our Personal Favorites:

1. Walt Whitman Bakes a Cake
2. William Butler Yeast Infection
3. Himmler Likes it Hott

Just pick one of ours or make up your own and send them to You might even recieve an email back from a real live member of SOL!!

*Not really. Unless you're our girlfriends, in which case the word "Like" may be substituted as necessary.